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Sharp Women:

Embrace Your Intuition, Build Your Situational Awareness, and Live Life Unafraid

As a woman, you have unbelievable intuition skills. You notice when a loved one is “off.” You feel the vibe or energy of a place. Your amazing instincts help you take care of others.

What if you could use these natural abilities to build your situational awareness and avoid a dangerous situation?

What if you could learn to recognize and articulate the early warning signs of microagressions and take action to prevent a traumatic experience?

Now you can.

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"So much useful, practical and REAL knowledge"

“I recently watched Kelly’s online Situational Awareness program, and WOW! So much useful, practical and REAL knowledge delivered concisely. Her tips for traveling were especially eye-opening for me, and I highly recommend her courses for anyone wanting to increase their odds of staying safer!”

– Marcy


“Kelly was fantastic teaching situational awareness to our group this morning. All of us walked away with a pearl or two that we can apply to our everyday lives. I would highly recommend Kelly at The Diamond Arrow Group! Thanks Kelly!!”

– Leanne

"Amazing Educator"

“My daughter and I had a training with Kelly. We highly recommend the training, resources, and tools! Her expertise and experience are extremely helpful. She is an amazing educator and communicator.”

– Lana

"Phenomenal Job"

“Great training! Great mission! Great instructor. Kelly did a phenomenal job in delivering the importance of Situational Awareness. Highly recommended!”

– Adir

"Relatable Scenarios and Practical Tips"

“I have been following The Diamond Arrow Group since it started and really wanted to see Kelly speak in person. I finally got the chance last weekend and was not disappointed! Kelly does a great job of explaining what someone can do in a bad situation by using relatable scenarios and practical tactics. You can tell she has a passion for helping others. I look forward to learning more in the future!”

– Amanda

Kelly and woman smiling at camera
Kelly and woman smiling at camera

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Learn how to become situationally aware to spot dangers before they happen.