Confidence Moving Forward

Embrace Your Intuition,

Build Your Situational Awareness,

And Live Life Unafraid

Workplace violence prevention

Domestic violence effects the motivation, productivity, and morale of all employees, not only the victim. As HR executives and business leaders, there are things that can, should, and must be done to create a safe work environment and support employees.

Making the effort in the workplace to address domestic violence is a win-win for both employees and companies.


Kelly Sayre empowers people with realistic tactics and tools to help them live life safely and on their own terms. With a grounded approach and high energy, Kelly works with law enforcement, nonprofit, corporate and youth organizations on violence prevention, situational awareness, and personal safety training.

wow your attendees

Break away from the norm at your next event by adding a keynote speaker who will engage your audience in an empowering and motivational way! Kelly is an acclaimed speaker whose energy and passion carries all the way to the back row.

Live Life on Your Own Terms

There are plenty of women’s physical self-defense class options, but…

What if you could recognize a potentially dangerous situation before it happened? Avoiding a physical fight and getting to safety quickly?
What could you do everyday to keep yourself safer and more confident?

Kelly can help!

Watch the Situational Awareness & Intuition Training Course

Become situationally aware in just minutes a day! Our 10 module video lessons are only 4-6 minutes each. Watch one video a day during your morning routine, or watch all the videos back-to-back in an hour!

Learn tips on travel safety, ways to safe guard your online presence, and how to talk to your kids about their safety.

Don’t live in fear of the unknown. Gain the knowledge and sharpen your skills to live confidently everyday!

Book a Training

Talking about situational awareness, fear, and real-life scenarios (where something happened or ALMOST happened) can be scary. If we keep those fears to ourselves, they can grow and make us feel isolated, crazy or helpless. That’s where we come in. We would love to work with you to find a date, time and location that works best for you, your friends, your family or your co-workers to host a Situational Awareness Class.

Request Kelly as Your Next Speaker

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, Kelly can tailor a presentation to fit your audience. She will engage your attendees in a discussion on situational awareness and intuition by relating the terms to real life and using her sense of humor. Kelly has presented to small and large groups. Her energy and passion for helping women is apparent on stage and it carries all the way to the back row! 

The Diamond Arrow Group exists to save lives by helping women strengthen their natural abilities to recognize threatening behaviors, trust their intuition, and articulate their experiences, to live life on their own terms.