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Helping Prevent Trauma & Save Lives

Situational Awareness Training

Imagine a world where you can go where you want, participate in activities that make you feel alive, and enjoy going about your day exactly how you want fully confident that you can handle anything or anyone who tries to interrupt your peaceful existence.

The Diamond Arrow Group is your trusted resource for guiding you along the journey of owning your space in this world through situational awareness.

Sharp Woman Book


Sharp Women:

Embrace Your Intuition, Build Your Situational Awareness, and Live Life Unafraid

As a woman, you have unbelievable intuition skills. You notice when a loved one is “off.” You feel the vibe or energy of a place. Your amazing instincts help you take care of others.

What if you could use these natural abilities to build your situational awareness and avoid a dangerous situation?

What if you could learn to recognize and articulate the early warning signs of microagressions and take action to prevent a traumatic experience?

Now you can.

Thrive Unafraid Podcast:

REAL talk about REAL threats in the REAL World!

Kelly Sayre and ex-CIA Doug Patteson have joined forces to help teach skills and tactics to prevent traumatic experiences from ever happening to you or your loved ones. Tune in as they dissect real world examples, build your situational awareness, and teach you recognize the early signs of potential aggression. They’ll also talk self-defense myths and bad advice.

"Engaging, informative, relatable, and personal"

On behalf of the Minnesota Festivals & Events Association, it’s my pleasure to write a recommendation for Kelly and the Diamond Group. The topic of safety and security will forever be a hot topic for the events industry and is a topic we cover at our annual conference and throughout the year, but Kelly offers a unique perspective to the ongoing conversation. Her presentation is engaging, informative, relatable, and personal.” 

-Junia Joseph-Benham

Top notch instructors

“Kelly and Kasey are top notch instructors! The class was fun, informative and got rave reviews from our attendees. I highly recommend Diamond Arrow Group!”

-Greg Smith

Definitely recommending your lunch & learn format

“Your presentation on Situational Awareness was truly captivating in all the best ways. Both the content and the way in which you shared it were equally impressive, and it’s certainly a message that will stick with me. It is especially important as we return to an in-person office environment. I am definitely recommending your lunch & learn format to other contacts in my network!” 

-Katie Banahan

Kelly is a trailblazer

“Kelly is a trailblazer. She brings great intel to a topic that often goes undiscussed and unfortunately is very prevalent. We all could use a refresher course from Kelly. Organizations of all sizes and industries would benefit from her expertise.” 

-Trey Turbett

"So much useful, practical and REAL knowledge"

“I recently watched Kelly’s online Situational Awareness program, and WOW! So much useful, practical and REAL knowledge delivered concisely. Her tips for traveling were especially eye-opening for me, and I highly recommend her courses for anyone wanting to increase their odds of staying safer!”

– Marcy


“Kelly was fantastic teaching situational awareness to our group this morning. All of us walked away with a pearl or two that we can apply to our everyday lives. I would highly recommend Kelly at The Diamond Arrow Group! Thanks Kelly!!”

– Leanne

"Amazing Educator"

“My daughter and I had a training with Kelly. We highly recommend the training, resources, and tools! Her expertise and experience are extremely helpful. She is an amazing educator and communicator.”

– Lana

"Phenomenal Job"

“Great training! Great mission! Great instructor. Kelly did a phenomenal job in delivering the importance of Situational Awareness. Highly recommended!”

– Adir

"Relatable Scenarios and Practical Tips"

“I have been following The Diamond Arrow Group since it started and really wanted to see Kelly speak in person. I finally got the chance last weekend and was not disappointed! Kelly does a great job of explaining what someone can do in a bad situation by using relatable scenarios and practical tactics. You can tell she has a passion for helping others. I look forward to learning more in the future!”

– Amanda

Clear, Insightful, and Achievable

“I wanted to extend a sincere thank you for joining us as an educational session speaker at our 2023 State Leadership Conference! I attended your presentation on Wednesday, and it was excellent. Not only were you poised and engaging, but your information on increasing situational awareness as both a means of self-defense and confidence development was clear, insightful, and achievable. It is clear how your experiences have impacted your dedication, which in turn impacts those in the audience. The HOSA team and I are so grateful that you took the time to prepare this session and share your knowledge, experience, and story (plus two signed books!) with our members.”

– Ella W.; Junior and the rising Public Relations Officer of Minnesota HOSA

Kelly and woman smiling at camera
Kelly speaking to SCSU

Be in the Know

Not sure where to start? We can help.

Kelly and woman smiling at camera

The Diamond Arrow Group Difference

More and more companies are touting situational awareness training as part of their overall active threat programs. Make no mistake, this is undoubtedly a marketing pitch using keywords. Their instructors have decades of experience in law enforcement and/or the military, and training is presented from that perspective. There’s nothing wrong with that if you plan to run TOWARD the danger when the threat is present. But if you’re here, I’m guessing you want to AVOID any situation escalating to the point where your options involve running, barricading, or fighting for your life.

The Diamond Arrow Group situational awareness training stands out from the rest because it aims to show the everyday person how the foundational life skills they use every day to be successful at home and at work can be used to help avoid and prevent a threatening situation from happening in the first place. 

You can participate in any of the other training courses offered, but after all the hours you spend with them, you will need to spend just as much time translating the tactical skills learned to apply them to real life. Your life. Or, you can hire The Diamond Arrow Group and get to the good stuff right away.

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