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Men Just Don’t Understand

They Have the Knowledge Over the last two years, I’ve had numerous conversations with male experts in the fields of personal safety, self-defense, and protection. Every one of them has a vast wealth of knowledge on the subjects and want to help women learn how to...

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What Would You Do?

As most of the world knows, there were two mass shootings over the weekend in the United States. First, the Saturday shooting in El Paso, TX at a Walmart that killed 22 and injured 27 people. Then, the early Sunday morning shooting in Dayton, OH in a nightlife...

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How Could They Do That!?!

When I get sent videos or articles about women being attacked, I have a moment of shock and disbelief. How could a human being do that to another human being?! And since 1 in 4 women experience severe intimate partner physical violence, the shock of being attacked by...

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Being Present

Last week, my family and I spent time at the lake, celebrating Independence Day. It was the opportunity to completely disconnect from work for my husband and myself. Our intention of taking a break from work emails and social media is helped by the fact that we have...

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Daily Habits

Some of the favorite things I teach in my classes are daily habits to build your awareness. You have the ability to be more aware of your surroundings already and it doesn’t require any money, anyone else helping you or any fancy training. Because all you have to do...

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Situational Awareness & Kids

How do I talk to my kids about being more aware?   What’s one of the biggest complaints of parents? Kids never listen! Especially at a store or in a crowded area, kids have the natural desire to explore. They don’t have the maturity to be aware of a dangerous...

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