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Travel Safety Tips

I know a lot of successful women who travel not only for work, but also for their own enjoyment. With the release of the Travel Safety Awareness video, a friend suggested I ask other women to share their number one safety tip on video (brilliant idea Jim!). So, with a...

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Life’s New Chapters

Five Things You Should Know Before Transitioning to a New Chapter in Life My oldest niece asked me to do her makeup for prom again this year. It was my last opportunity to do it, since she will be heading to college in the fall. She is a bright, kind, smart, funny...

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Did you hear that?

Observe Your Surroundings What is the first thing you think of when I say, “observe your surroundings”? I’m going to guess you thought about looking around and using your sense of sight to SEE what’s in your space. What if I told you your sight was already being...

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Mental Models

What's Your Contingency Plan? Women tend to run through different scenarios in our heads of how our day is going to go. If something doesn’t go as planned, there are probably any number of contingency plans we already thought of that can get everything back in order....

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