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Katherine Luther

Life Coach, Katherine Luther

Katherine Luther is a life coach that gets the struggles of life. She created an Emotional First Aid Kit designed to help people manage the hard things life brings. In the Emotional First Aid Kit there are tools to help with: ~Having a bad day ~Why you don’t take action ~Receiving bad news ~Working through big emotions. 

Katherine speaks with authority and passion due to her own personal experience from being a: child molestation victim, domestic violence survivor, divorcee, girl mom, E.M.T., remarried, cool person. Her content is made from a place of connection, and a want to help you feel successful with every challenge you face.

Katherine has created this Emotional First Aid Kit to give you the tools you need to handle the challenges life brings your way. Each segment has practical tools you can start using today, making it easier to handle each of these difficult situations.

You can follow Katherine on Instagram @luthermethodlc to see what she is doing next!

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