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Train your staff to spot dangers before they happen

Kelly offers five situational awareness training courses for businesses and organizations. These trainings are ideal for medium to large-sized groups.

Preventing Workplace Violence through Awareness

Your attendees will learn how to recognize early warning signs of behavioral changes. They will understand company policy on reporting behaviors, and be given mental plan building and daily habit exercises.

Building Articulation Skills & Daily Habits

Attendees will learn how to explain what they observe and how to remove biases. They will also learn small daily exercises that they can practice to make big improvements in their personal safety.

Personal Boundaries & Enforcement

In this course, attendees will learn how to establish physical, emotional, and mental boundaries. this includes boundary enforcement considerations for family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. They will also understand company policy on reporting behaviors.

Situational Awareness in your Environment

Attendees will learn how to read non-verbal body language cues, how to recognize early warning signs, and how to use avoidance to stay safe. Plus, they will learn environmental affordances.

Situational Awareness: Building Actionable Confidence

Attendees will learn how to use all their senses to observe their surroundings. This will include how your subconscious informs your consciousness, and how to use articulation skills.

How the training works

Each course is a mix of information, helpful tips, and real-life scenarios. Courses last typically last 2 hours. If you need something shorter or longer, we are happy to work with you to customize the presentation.

Participation is highly encouraged and often when one person shares their story, it gives someone else the courage to speak up. We let everyone have time to share (within reason of course!).

Kelly will come to your office

Talking about Situational Awareness, fear, and real-life scenarios (where something happened or ALMOST happened) can be scary. If we keep those fears to ourselves, they can grow and make us feel isolated, crazy or helpless.

Grab your staff, and let’s have that conversation. You invite who you want and pick the location, and Kelly will create a custom training program, specific to the needs of your group.

Testimonials from past clients

"Got rave reviews from our attendees"

“Kelly and Kasey are top-notch instructors! The class was fun, informative, and got rave reviews from our attendees. I highly recommend The Diamond Arrow Group!”

Greg Smith, MAHCO

"You are so awesome!"

“I just wanted to thank you again for coming yesterday! It was really fun having you there to present and I could tell the girls enjoyed it and were engaged! You are so awesome!”

Katie Schmitz, Owner, Daylily Spa Salon

"Important as we return to an in-person office environment"

“Your presentation on Situational Awareness was truly captivating in all the best ways. Both the content and the way in which you shared it were equally impressive, and it’s certainly a message that will stick with me. It is especially important as we return to an in-person office environment. I am definitely recommending your lunch & learn format to other contacts in my network!”

-Katie Banahan, Ontic

"Situational awareness is what is going to save you from walking into that attack"

“Great training! You are a phenomenal instructor. As mentioned before, I love your message. Situational awareness is one of the things I try to focus more than anything before teaching Krav Maga or Firearms Training. I always like to emphasize that all the moves and techniques we teach are to be used only as a last resort. Training self-defense will increase your chances to survive an attack, but situational awareness is what is going to save you from walking into that attack. THANK YOU!”

Adir R., Jericho Defense

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Learn how to become situationally aware to spot dangers before they happen.