May 15, 2023

Episode #10: Does Size Matter in the Military?

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Ever wonder how the U.S. military teaches its personnel situational awareness? They should be taught the best from the best, right?  

This week’s guest, with Marine Corps Hunter training, admitted, “(the term situational awareness is) thrown around the military constantly. Make sure you have situational awareness. We say it all the time, but no one really defines what situational awareness is.”  She then shares throughout the episode how she personally ended up “really defining what situational awareness meant to me and then how it could impact not just how I carried myself, but passing that knowledge along to everyone else.”

Katheryn Basso is a former U.S. Marine Officer trained in the Marine Corps Hunter program.  Her knowledge, understanding, and practice with situational awareness is eye-opening.  More recently, she started the Kadri Clothing Company to shed light on and help fix the problem of gender bias in the military via lack of appropriate clothing options for women.  You can check out more on that here

Listen to this episode of Thrive Unafraid for more on:

  • Defining what situational awareness means to you personally
  • How gender bias still manifests in the U.S. military to date
  • How to use the OODA loop to assess your personal safety
  • How many chances you should give your gut/intuition when it flags a situation or person before choosing to act
  • The importance of practice in personal safety
  • How to form a baseline when entering a new environment
  • And so much more!

Here’s the Ted Lasso link that Doug mentioned.

Dive into this episode chock full of interesting stories, personal experiences, and hands-on advice.

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