July 3, 2023

Episode #13: Steps to Take TODAY Before Your Next Emergency with Boris Milinkovich

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Doug and I were thrilled to invite an “IG buddy”, fellow true northerner, and disaster preparedness expert Boris Milinkovich on the show.  This episode is chock full of advice on how to take baby steps now to positively change the outcome of any future disaster, major or minor, that you may experience. 

Boris shares expertise on how to not only survive, but THRIVE through unexpected emergencies.  His Disaster Preparedness Guide has helped thousands of individuals and families build a buffer of safety and security in the face of a disaster situation before it happens.  In this episode, Boris spills the beans on the foundation of his teachings. 

Don’t miss out on advice on:

  • How to prepare for any emergency situation starting today
  • How to develop a ‘calm under pressure’ mindset to emergencies
  • How to develop a disaster preparedness plan for various potential situations
  • What types of plans you might need depending on your lifestyle and responsibilities
  • What some people get wrong about emergency preparedness
  • …and so much more!

Boris joined the Canadian Forces as an Infantry Reservist in 1998, eventually transitioning to Intelligence and then to his current position as a member of the Military Police. He was decorated with the Canadian Forces’ Decoration for his service. He is also a 17-year veteran of the Federal government, having served 5 years as a Customs Officer (with his last year in a Special Enforcement Unit) and the last 12 working in Transportation Security & Emergency Preparedness, incident management and national security. He has delivered training to various other government departments on security-related topics, as well as other stakeholders, and currently acts as departmental liaison officer and Active Assailant trainer for the Department of Transport. Despite that background, he continually seeks out new training and opportunities to learn and improve, and needless to say we were lucky to snag a bit of his time and expertise!

Connect with Boris and check out True North Tradecraft products:

Website: https://truenorthtradecraft.ca/

IG: @truenorthtradecraft

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/borismilinkovich/

TedTalk: https://youtu.be/faT7hKDTxsM 


Store: https://truenorthtradecraft.ca/products/ 

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