July 17, 2023

Episode #14: Don’t Travel Again Before You Hear These CRITICAL Personal Safety Tips

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Have you ever thought to ask a hotel check-in clerk NOT to tell you your room number out loud?  Did you know Sudafed is an illegal drug in Japan that will get you major jail time?  Join Kelly, Doug, and Ron Tetreau this week as they discuss top travel safety tips to keep you safe whether you’re a solo traveler or have a family or friends to protect.  This one is chock full of specific tips to keep you and your data safe and secure throughout the entire trip.

Scroll down to download the newly released “Traveler Safety Guide: with Security Tips for Travelers”!

Ron shares stories of how he, his friends, and colleagues keep safe while traveling, as well as how he prepared his daughter for overseas solo travel.  He criticizes some commonly recommended hotel safety advice, and discusses alternative options with Kelly and Doug.

Don’t miss out on advice on:

  • Hotel door safety (including why/when not to bar yourself in)
  • Be careful where you charge your electronics
  • Situational awareness in unfamiliar environments and cultures
  • Hotel check-in safety practices
  • The Rule of Stupids while traveling
  • Considerations of dress when traveling
  • The Gray Man Theory

Ron Tetreau is a retired police Detective from the City of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Serving 24 years as a Law Enforcement Officer and is also a 38-year veteran of both the United States Air Force and the United States Army, he is currently a MSG in the US Army Reserves. He is a graduate of Roger Williams University holding a BS Degree in Criminal Justice and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Studies. As a police officer, he served on the SWAT Team for more than 16 years as the Training Coordinator as well as serving as both an Assault Team Leader and Sniper Team Leader participating and leading operations including Barricaded Subjects, High Risk Warrants, Drug Interdiction Operations. He was also a member of the State of Rhode Island Homeland Security Weapons of Mass Destruction Team serving on the Assault Element. He was a guest instructor at the FBI Law Enforcement Sniper School and served as a liaison to Joint Special Operations Command as a Guest Instructor at the FBI Sniper School. As a member of the 1996 Summer Olympics Security Team he was assigned to the Personal Security Detail at the Soccer Venue at the University of Georgia.

Connect with Ron:

Website: http://asymmetrictraining.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/asymmetrictraining/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ron-tetreau-b25ab015/

Email: info@asymmetrictraining.com

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