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September 18, 2023

Episode #18: Critical Online Safety and Security Conversations to Have with Your Kids | Alana and Dean Stott

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Despite the many advancements that technology has provided, parenting in a digital driven world leaves our kids vulnerable to the risks and dangers that come along with it. In this episode, Kelly and Doug speak with Alana and Dean Stott, a multi-hyphenate power couple committed to making the world a better place. Teaching children’s cyber-safety is one of the many causes near and dear to their hearts, and one they’ve become experts in since growing their own family. Together they discuss why shielding your kids from the world isn’t the best way to keep them safe, how building a relationship with your child is more impactful than any safety app you can find online, and so much more. 

Other topics we discussed:

  • The importance of putting your relationship with your kids first
  • Encouraging your kids to make mistakes and make their own decisions
  • The consequences of not educating your kids
  • Why apps aren’t as powerful as words
  • How getting curious with your kids can lead to impactful conversations 
  • How safety and security leads to confidence 
  • Understanding your child’s fight or flight type

Alana Stott is an author, producer, anti-human trafficking consultant, publisher, security specialist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Her husband Dean Stott is a former British Special Forces operator, two-time world record breaking cyclist, global security expert, adventurer, philanthropist, author, and international speaker. 

Connect with Alana and Dean:

Website: https://alanastott.com & https://www.deanstott.com

Twitter: @alanastott & @DeanStottSBS

IG@alanastott & @deanstott

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alana-stott-mbe-194493aa/ & https://www.linkedin.com/in/dean-stott-24725880/

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