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December 19, 2023

Episode #24: Own Your Safety Mindset with Seb Lavoie

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Safety oriented behaviors are not a destination, it’s a journey.  In this episode Seb Lavoie, a security expert, joins us on a situational awareness journey with him that began when he was a young boy trying to protect his mother.

Seb Lavoie’s episode is packed with real life examples, common pitfalls, and mindset approaches to your personal safety approach. Here’s a glimpse of the insight he brings:

  • Limitations of self defense training
  • How to invest in your safety without over investing in the process
  • What data you should research prior to traveling
  • How to manage emotions and respond optimally to threats
  • Situational Awareness tips for beginners and those on the next level
  • Why having a safety mindset when away from your home doesn’t remove the fun 

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Scroll ⬇️ to listen to Seb speak about Domestic Violence in a two part guest appearance 

Seb combines his over two decades of experience in law enforcement and the military, with his 40+ years of martial arts experience to coach others about situational awareness.  Seb is dedicated to empowering women and has been on this journey since he was 9 years old protecting his mother.  Seb is currently working on a masters degree in international security and is always sharpening his situational awareness sword. 

Connect with Seb:

Website: www.ravenstrategik.com

IG: @slavccmdr

Seb’s Domestic Violence Podcast Pt 1

Seb’s Domestic Violence Podcast Pt 2

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