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January 2, 2024

Episode #25: Sharp People are Never Broken with Loree Draude

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Ever wonder the level of confidence someone must have to push through the fear associated with landing a combat jet on an aircraft carrier, at night, in the middle of the ocean?  In this episode, we dive into the incredible journey of Loree Draude—former naval aviator, Silicon Valley leader, best-selling author, and captivating performer. From making history in combat squadrons to navigating the highs and lows of the tech world, Loree’s story is one of resilience, reinvention, and finding joy in life’s challenges. Loree’s episode is packed with her insights on leadership, overcoming setbacks, and embracing a life filled with passion and purpose.  Here’s a glimpse of the insight she brings:

  • How to identify the values that are most important to you personally
  • Why gratitude is important for self awareness
  • How to rebuild your mental freeway
  • How to be present and understand it
  • Two quick ways to minimize the saboteurs in our heads
  • Why you should practice saying the word ‘no’
  • Why victims are not broken 

Connect with Loree:Websites: www.loreedraude.com / www.encaustech.comIG: @loreedraudeLoree’s Books:Soar Into Joy: A Combat Pilot’s Wisdom on Falling in Love with Your LifeShe’s Just Another Navy Pilot: An Aviator’s Sea Journal

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