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February 7, 2023

Episode #3: Special Guest Justen Keating of Keating Global Risks

Today Kelly sits down with risk and situational awareness expert Justen Keating. Learn to keep yourself safe by varying your routine on a regular basis, understanding how a predator thinks in order to defeat them, and considering how you carry yourself. Kelly and Justen try to answer on great question: Why is confidence lacking in your today?
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Are you certain that how you carry yourself and interact with people in public places is optimized to avoid being an easy target for predators? 

Join us as Kelly and Justen Keating, the founder of Keating Global Risks, address how average citizens can avoid practices that might increase your likelihood of becoming a ‘hard target’.  They cover what common actions to avoid, and what practices you can implement to increase your situational awareness and chances to get out of a risky situation without the need for self-defense or violence of any sort.

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In this episode, Kelly and Justen cover:

  • Types of potential attackers
  • Developing safer daily routines
  • Soft targets versus hard targets
  • Kim’s Game for practicing awareness
  • Cooper’s Color Codes of Awareness
  • Practical advice for gaining confidence in social situations

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