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April 17, 2023

Episode #8: Just How Important is Perspective in Self-Defense?

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Kelly and Doug get deep and dirty about the value and necessity of a woman’s perspective in self-defense classes, classes, seminars, and literature.  Who should be teaching who how to protect themselves?  Should a male instructor be teaching women how to defend themselves?  Does a police officer, who is trained in situational awareness and personal safety for work, have the proper insight to train average citizens?

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They also discussed:

  • The importance to your personal safety of how you present yourself daily 
  • When it’s appropriate to create space in physical scenarios
  • Pre-event situational awareness 
  • Understanding your situational awareness filter
  • How Secret Service agents detect fraudulent U.S. dollars and why you should care
  • One simple snapshot you can take of your kid(s) daily to ensure you’re covered in case of danger

And remember – there’s no shame in failure, only shame in refusing to learn!

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