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May 1, 2023

Episode #9: How to Recognize and React to Stalking Behaviors

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Being stalked is no joke, and in this episode Kelly and Doug dig into controversial topics related to stalking.  What exactly constitutes stalking?  Are there differences in how men and women should and do react to stalking?  How do you stop stalking behavior once you’ve recognized it?  What resources are available to you if you’re unsure you’re being stalked but feel uncomfortable?  And what is the role of intent when talking about stalking behavior?

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It is far too common an occurrence to feel that “off” feeling in your gut or suspect someone might be following you on the streets or maybe stalking you online, but also feel uncomfortable reporting it because you are unsure if you are correct or possibly mistaking the situation.  

Listen to this episode of Thrive Unafraid to learn how to:

  • Determine if you’re being stalked
  • Steps to take if you’re being stalked
  • Where to go for help if you’re being stalked or simply feel uneasy about a situation
  • How to recognize warning signs and trust your instincts
  • How to confront a stalker safely

Kelly shares stories from women who have confided in her about their stalking experiences, how they handled the situation, and Kelly shares further expertise and insight on how to safely interact with a potential stalker or when to skip straight to the authorities.

Gain the confidence to Live Life Unafraid with situational awareness and personal safety guidance from this episode. 

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