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Who is a Sharp Woman?

She’s not perfect. She doesn’t have all her shit together. She makes mistakes, falls down, cries a bit, and gives herself time to feel all the feels. When the sun comes up, she dusts herself off, stretches, and gets back to figuring things out. She trusts her intuition and has confidence that it will always let her know when something is off in her surroundings. She embraces her fears and uses them as motivators to improve her life and overcome those fears. She is made up of many different wild and wonderful things, and she strives to live life on her terms every day.

She is a Sharp Woman.

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Wherever you are on your Sharp Woman journey, we’re here to walk alongside you. Helping women grow in confidence to live life on their terms.

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Be part of changing the future for the next generation!

Ever read someone’s story and think,
“I thought I was the only one”. 
Your story will do that for someone else. 

Sharing our stories makes us recognize that we are not alone. We realize that we all have a story. Our experiences can help us find meaning even in the most painful events. We would be honored if you shared your story with us. The more we can raise awareness for the uncomfortable/messy/real threats to personal safety women face every day, the more we can change the future for the next generation of Sharp Women. We may share your story anonymously in social media posts, use them as examples in presentations, and may include them in the upcoming podcast. The storyteller’s personal information is always kept private unless they specify otherwise.

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