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Break away from the norm. Have your attendees walking away saying, “wow!” Kelly Sayre is an acclaimed speaker whose energy and passion carries all the way to the back row. She will tailor her keynotes to fit your audience and make you the hero of your event. No more boring keynotes! Kelly offers four keynote topics to consider. 

Be Bold, Be Curious, Be Kind, And Stay Sharp!

Women have unbelievable intuition skills. We notice when a loved one is “off”. We feel the vibe or energy of a place. We have amazing instincts that help us take care of others. Why has no one taught us to use those skills for our personal safety? Kelly Sayre empowers women to live life on their own terms using non-physical, proactive situational awareness tactics that expose and avoid threatening situations before they happen, so you can go forward with confidence and live life unafraid.

Being Your Authentic Self

How the social contracts women are raised with impact our personal safety as we grow up. It’s not too late to change our perspective and re-engineer our thoughts to embrace and enforce healthy boundaries that will lead to a rich and wonderful life.

Live Life on Your Terms

Who did you want to become when you grew up? What did you envision your life looking like? When did that change? Be reminded that you know what’s best for you. You simply need to be reintroduced to yourself. 

No Apologies Mindset

Women are natural caretakers and nurturers. We feel good helping those we love, and even strangers we’ve just met! It’s a wonderful quality and one that the world needs more of. How can you make sure those human kindness tendencies won’t be manipulated by family, friends, and even complete strangers? By understanding and recognizing your personal obligation to anyone other than yourself.

Interactive Workshops

Kelly also offers three interactive workshops. All workshops involve an interactive presentation where attendees work on their personal skills through worksheets, physical drills, and utilizing their environmental affordances.

Situational Awareness in your Environment

Attendees will learn how to read non-verbal body language cues, how to recognize early warning signs, and how to use avoidance to stay safe. 

Personal Boundaries & Enforcement

Attendees will learn how to establish physical, emotional, and mental boundaries. this includes boundary enforcement considerations for family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. They will also understand company policy on reporting behaviors.

Building Articulation Skills & Daily Habits

Attendees will learn how to explain what they observe and how to remove biases. They will also learn small daily exercises that they can practice to make big improvements in their personal safety.

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