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Guide to Identifying 12 of the Most Common Manipulation Techniques


We’re here to help you prevent trauma and save lives by giving you the skills and knowledge you need to gain confidence and live life on your own terms.

There is no perfect answer or prescription for avoiding violence, but there is a mound of tools we have in our tool belts to detect behaviors and habits that are alarming and might potentially build into violent situations in the future. This guide to manipulation techniques spans behaviors that might be displayed by narcissists and sociopaths, to some that might simply be worrisome when displayed by family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances. 

Manipulation Guide Preview

What You’ll Learn:

Knowledge is power and learning to detect these manipulation tactics in real life will help you take control of any situation in which another person is trying to manipulate you.

This guide walks you through:

  • A list of 12 of the most common manipulation techniques
  • Common ‘tells’ of each technique
  • A list of ways each technique might be applied
  • A range of situations in which each technique might be used (in romantic relationships, with a coworker, out in public, etc.)

At The Diamond Arrow Group, we believe everyone should have access to the tools they need to make their life safer and more fulfilling. We hope this guide will give you the knowledge to do just that!

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