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REAL talk about REAL threats in the REAL world!

Kelly Sayre and ex-CIA Doug Patteson have joined forces to help teach skills and tactics to prevent traumatic experiences from ever happening to you or your loved ones.  Tune in as they dissect real world examples, build your situational awareness, and teach you recognize the early signs of potential aggression.  They’ll also talk self-defense myths and bad advice.

Kelly and Doug approach these very real world problems from two unique angles but their mission is the same – to give you the insight and tools you need to Thrive Unafraid.


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Intro: The Thrive Unafraid Podcast

Real talk about real threats in the real world, so you can go forward with confidence and live life unafraid! I’m Kelly Sayre, a wife, mother, friend, independent go-getter, who wanted to avoid violent and dangerous situations, but couldn’t find anyone who could tell me what the heck situational awareness was in a way I could relate to. I’m Doug Patteson. I was a CIA officer trained to keep myself and others safe in varying environments. Now I’m a dad and business leader focused on giving others the tools and skills necessary to take care of themselves and their families. After having many conversations that ended with, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a show that had real conversations about avoiding danger? We realized, what are we waiting for? We invite you to join us as we have real discussions with real people on real ways to sharpen your skills to live life unafraid.

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Episode #1:
Dissecting the “Good Guy” Excuse

Episode #2:
in Society

Episode #3: Special Guest Justen Keating of Keating Global Risks

Episode #4:
Red Flags, Stalkers, and Self-Defense: Workplace and Personal Safety

Episode #5:
Prioritizing Personal Safety with Robyn Sandoval

Episode #6:
When Your
Gut Raises
the Alarm

Episode #7:
Common Manipulation Tactics: Are You Being Emotionally Manipulated?

Episode #8:
Just How Important is Perspective in Self-Defense?

Episode #9:
How to Recognize and React to Stalking Behaviors

Episode #10:
Does Size Matter in the Military?

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