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For years, women’s self-defense courses have focused on handling physical altercations, while domestic violence advocacy has circled around helping women who are already in abusive relationships. Meanwhile, the statistics on violence committed against women have remained stagnant for decades. It’s time to make a change.

As a woman, you have unbelievable intuition skills. You notice when a loved one is “off.” You feel the vibe or energy of a place. Your amazing instincts help you take care of others. What if you could use these natural abilities to build your situational awareness and avoid a physical fight? What if you could learn to recognize the red-flag behaviors and get safe before the violence starts? Now, you can! In Sharp Women, Kelly Sayre breaks down ways for women to deal with everyday situations using their best self-defense weapon—their intuition. In this book, you’ll discover how to sharpen your natural skills, build a solid plan to protect yourself, and move forward through your life with confidence. As founder and president of the Diamond Arrow Group, Kelly Sayre empowers women to live life on their own terms using non-physical, proactive situational awareness tactics that expose and avoid threatening situations before they happen.

Two reviews from Amazon: “I loved your book! I thought I would be learning only about situational awareness and personal safety, two very important subjects, but I thought I already knew most of what I’d be reading about. I’ve read countless book on keeping safe in the past. Your book was so, so much more. You gave detailed examples on HOW to become aware of surroundings and personal circumstances in real life. I wish I had read something like your book decades ago when I was trying (and mainly failing) to navigate boundary issues with friends, family, and employers. I learned so much I can apply to my life today. I also loved your personal stories. I feel I have much more power and confidence as I venture out into this new word I find myself in. Thank you so much for writing this book.” “This is a terrific book that highlights the challenges women face. But, as a man, I can totally identify some of the traits that men are unwittingly inflicting on women, without realising the impact. I’ve always tried to be chivalrous, without realising that it’s still up the women to decide if they want the help. So I learned a valuable lesson here. Fantastic book, well done Kelly.”

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