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Kelly Sayre teaches you how to embrace your intuition, build your situational awareness, and live life unafraid.

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Fold In The Cheese David!

Fold In The Cheese David!

Over the last five years, I’ve had numerous conversations with experts in the physical self-defense and violence prevention space. What I've found so fascinating is 80% of our conversations centered around the roles situational awareness and intuition play in helping...

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Be Bold, Be Curious, Be Kind

Be Bold, Be Curious, Be Kind

Here's Kelly's keynote from the Sharp Women Launch event, celebrating all women on International Women's Day. Wow. I look around this room and see so many faces that mean the world to me. Thank you for being here tonight to celebrate with me and everyone else in this...

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Book Recommendations

Additional books Kelly recommends

Creepology: Self-defense for your social life.

For many women, creeps are a serious, ubiquitous, pervasive problem. They seem to be everywhere. Not only they pester us in public, but some are capable of worming their way into our social life, poisoning our experiences. For many men, creeps are like unicorns: they hear about them a lot but they never actually see one.

Wonder-Full: Activate Your Inner Superpowers–No Cape Required by Kelly Radi

Of course, you’d like a golden lasso or a magic bracelet, but guess what? You don’t need ’em. You already have superpowers, and they’re just waiting to be activated!

The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker

A date won’t take “no” for an answer. The new nanny gives a mother an uneasy feeling. A stranger in a deserted parking lot offers unsolicited help. The threat of violence surrounds us every day. But we can protect ourselves, by learning to trust—and act on—our gut instincts.

Protecting the Gift by Gavin De Becker

Safety skills for children outside the home
Warning signs of sexual abuse
How to screen baby-sitters and choose schools
Strategies for keeping teenagers safe from violence

The New Superpower for Women by Steve Kardian

It takes only seven seconds for a criminal to pick you as a target. This empowering guide for women to protect themselves and their loved ones, from a self-defense expert and longtime veteran of law enforcement, combines commonsense advice on staying safe with concrete actions on what to do if find yourself in a dangerous situation.

A Guerrilla Guide To Avoiding Sexual Violence: Stop Sexual Assault, Abuse and Predation In Your Life by Sean Stark

Avoiding sexual violence for young girls, boys, maturing women, and adult women (and yes, even men) is a critical life skill—unfortunately. It should be taught as part of their regular everyday schooling—with the same value as mathematics.

This book includes anonymous true accounts of sexual violence, abuse, and predation that demonstrate the principles and strategies you need to learn and understand.

Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide: Easy Home Defense Techniques to Keep Your Family Safe By Andy Murphy

A practical, everyday guide to securing your house and family through easy home defense techniques.

Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide will walk you through how to change your thinking to recognize signs of danger, how your home may be vulnerable to attack and what you need to do to sleep better a night. Keep danger off your doorstep and your family safe at home.

The Law of Self Defense by Andrew F. Branca

The world is a dangerous place. That’s why you’re prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones. Now arm yourself for the legal battle that happens after an attack. The first fight is for your life – the second for your liberty. Andrew F. Branca, the renowned expert in self-defense law, teaches you how to make quick, effective, legally appropriate decisions in life-and-death situations. His easy-to-understand analysis thoroughly covers the laws of all fifty states.

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

While most self-help books offer quick fixes, Everything is Figureoutable will retrain your brain to think more creatively and positively in the face of setbacks. In the words of Cheryl Strayed, it’s “a must-read for anyone who wants to face their fears, fulfill their dreams, and find a better way forward.”

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