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In Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, safety and security are right above food, water, and shelter. You have spent years, maybe even decades, becoming an expert at physical self-defense, and now you are passionate about training others. The Diamond Arrow Group is the expert in situational awareness training, and we want to get this information to as many people as possible.

When we combine our expertise, it’s a holistic personal safety training, unlike anything attendees have ever experienced. And, you can bet they will tell their friends.

Are you a physical self-defense instructor looking to augment your training with situational awareness information? Now you can!

  • Bulk Sharp Women book orders available at an instructor discount (two-week minimum lead time)
  • Pre-recorded, 1 hour online Situational Awareness training for attendees. Includes a 30-minute prep call for integrating situational awareness training with your physical self-defense training
  • Discount pricing to bring Kelly in person for training at your facility
  • Marketing collateral for training
  • One flyer or video message from Kelly to promote training to attract attendees
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Learn how to become situationally aware to spot dangers before they happen.