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Episode 16

Episode 16

Episode #16: Assault Prevention, Creating Boundaries, and Living Without Limits | Nicole Snell

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Trying to find a woman who has not found themselves in a dangerous or unwarranted encounter is harder than finding someone who has. That is one of the many reasons this episode with Nicole Snell, an outdoor-loving, self-defense expert, is so crucial. Alongside Kelly and Doug, Nicole discusses what it means to hone your intuition and assess or de-escalate potential threats in any situation. Nicole also shares her thoughts around the importance of situational awareness, establishing boundaries, and the belief that all women and girls should live without limits despite perceived danger. 

 Other topics we discussed:

  • Fear as a tool, not an enemy
  • The benefits of developing a toolkit versus just ‘safety tips’ for personal safety
  • Assessing Nicole’s personal self-defense encounters and how she chose to react
  • How to establish boundaries when approached or caught off-guard in public
  • Criticism that women face in the aftermath of negative situations
  • Outdoor defense and safety
  • Feeling empowered to live without limitations

 Nicole Snell is an award winning international speaker, trainer, and self-defense expert specializing in sexual assault prevention education, gender-based violence prevention, and boundaries. Despite her successful 12-year career in TV, she always felt a pull to give back to women. Through connections she developed partnering with a women’s self-defense group she worked with in college, Nicole was introduced to Girls Fight Back. She is now the CEO of Girls Fight Back, Founder of Outdoor Defense, and Lead Instructor with both IMPACT Personal Safety and IMPACT Global. Nicole speaks to gender inclusive groups at colleges, high schools, the US Military, Fortune 500 companies, corporations, outdoor groups, and more both domestically and abroad.  She is an NACP Credentialed Victim Advocate and a credentialed Empowerment Self-Defense Professional. Her programs are evidence-based, trauma-informed, interactive, and inclusive. Nicole believes that everyone has the right to walk through the world feeling safe, powerful and confident.


Connect with Nicole:

 Website: Nicolesnell.com

Girls Fight Back: Girlsfightback.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/nicolesnelloutdoordefense

IG: @adventuresofnik & @girlsfightback 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/girlsfightback

Twitter: @girlsfightback

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Nicole’s Virtual Class with Backcountry Women: https://backcountrywomen.com/event-5210807

August 30th, 2023

$65 for members, $75 for non-members

Note: The live event will be recorded and everyone who registers will have one week to watch the recording.


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