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Episode 5

Episode #5: Firearms, Mindset, and Pre-event Indicators: Prioritizing Personalized Safety with Robyn Sandoval

Join as we dig into the expertise of Robyn Sandoval, Founder of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League.
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Join as we dig into the expertise of Robyn Sandoval, Founder of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League. A Girl & A Gun is a national organization dedicated to empowering women and teaching them valuable self-defense techniques. In this episode, Robyn dives into the many ways in which firearms can be used to defend oneself. She also talks about her experiences as an instructor and the importance of having a go-to script to use in high stress situations, as well as the potential consequences of not being prepared.

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Robyn began A Girl & A Gun to provide women with an opportunity to learn and practice firearm skills in a safe and inviting environment. With over 80 clubs in every state, the organization has become increasingly popular. Women come from all walks of life and all ages, eager to learn and hone their firearm skills.

Other takeaways from this episode:

  • How to develop a go-to plan when it comes to self-defense
  • How to make quick decisions in potentially dangerous situations
  • How to use improvised weapons when you don’t have a gun
  • What types of training programs and courses are available for self-defense 
  • Why having a supportive community can be an invaluable asset in your personal safety
  • Breathing techniques for stressful situations
  • Different skills and techniques that can be used to improve shooting proficiency

Robyn shares her journey of self-discovery and the challenges she faced in becoming a proficient shooter and trainer. She talks about the importance of gun safety, mastering the fundamentals of shooting, and her unique approach to self-defense, which incorporates both physical and mental strategies and training in other self-defense practices, including jujitsu, knife fighting, and improvised weapons to help ensure a better chance of defending oneself in any situation.

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