Tell Your Story

Your story matters.

Maybe your story includes:

A Weird Stranger

While they didn’t do anything outwardly weird to make you uncomfortable, the way the looked at you or their body language told you to get away from them…and fast.

A Different Car

Maybe it was the unusual car parked in your neighborhood that you didn’t recognize or the car that seemed to be following you while you were out for a walk or jog.

A Stage-Five Clinger

You went on one date and then the person wouldn’t stop calling/texting/showing up in person and it made you scared to go anywhere alone.

They Offered To Help

You never met them before but they INSISTED on helping you carry your bags to your apartment, walk you across campus to get back to your dorm, or to give you a ride even though you already had a ride on its way.

Gave You A Backhanded Compliment

Have you ever had someone say to you, “I bet someone like you would never talk to someone like me.”
 “Oh-you’re one of those independent women who doesn’t need help from anyone.”

The Vibe Was Off

Maybe you were at a quiet coffee shop and someone was being loud and rude to the barista. Maybe you were at an outdoor concert and everyone was having a great time…except that one person standing off by themselves.

Why Do We Collect Stories?

Ever read someone’s story and think,
“I thought I was the only one”. 
Your story will do that for someone else. 

Sharing our stories makes us recognize that we are not alone. We realize that we all have a story. Our experiences can help us find meaning even in the most painful events.

I would be honored if you shared your story with me. The more I can raise awareness for the uncomfortable/messy/real threats to personal safety women face everyday, the more we can change the future for the next generation of Sharp Women.
I may share your story anonymously in social media posts, use them as examples in my presentations, and may include them in the upcoming podcast. The storyteller’s personal information is always kept private unless they specify otherwise.


We share the stories anonymously in social media posts, use them as examples in our presentations, and add them to our printed materials. The contact info is kept private.

My Story

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The Diamond Arrow Group exists to save lives by helping women strengthen their natural abilities to recognize threatening behaviors, trust their intuition, and articulate their experiences, to live life on their own terms.